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sticking my head in the door,waving.Hey all A99 shooter here .Question


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SBefore joining i of course cruised the forum and to my surprise my camera A99 first version is rarely seen..Or spoke of..

Now a few years ago when i bought my gear i was shooting Nikon which was fine but i read an article on the A99 and was

intrigued.SO i went out rented one for a week end and and really feel in love.Sooooo bought into Sony's A mount system.

Back then in the beginning the whole e vs a thing was a non issue.

my gear

A99 w grip

2x 560 flash

16-35 Zeiss

50 1.4 standard

28-135 Min af very sharp

70-400 first gen zeiss sony really nice .im lucky im happy with the images at 400 as well as 100..good glass

150mm Sigma Macro this is one of my favs..sometimes i will use this as my walk around lens images are just gorgeous

28-80 tamron.min af mount.yeah i know but it is their best series from the 80's.its small and when im in the mood for light weight this on and the grip off and you have a nice very light set-up

Now i am a firm believer its the guy holding the gear and not so much the gear,but that being said good glass does make a difference..

SO my question i showed you what i am working with and if i do decide to go with  E mount with one of the A7 series cameras i wont use adaptors i will buy the lens in the right mount.AM i losing anything on quality with my gear i have now.?The camera bodies are the biggest difference and my concern..




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