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What type of (affordable) sony dslr body i should look into?

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Hi everyone,

so i have sony alpha 230 dslr for long time and the button broken now and sony had stopped the sparepart production for alpha 230. Im thinking to change the (affordable) camera body instead of buying the button even if i found the button on market place, as i have 3 sony lenses already and nothing wrong with my alpha 230 lense. Any idea which body type should i look into? Thank you. 

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Good time to jump into the wonderful world of mirrorless cameras!

But I would say your question on which "affordable" Sony mirrorless camera to buy next is really broad.  If you ask that from 10 different camera owners, you're going to get 10 different answers.

Which ever body you end up with, all the Sony mirrorless cameras use the E-mount system.  So make sure you budget for an A-to-E mount adapter if you want to re-use your A-mount lenses.

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This depends on your budget, what type of pictures you take etc. Would be useful to have some more context. 

Your current camera has an aps-c format sensor. If on a budget and not enough money for newer glass you are probably best of with an a6*** series camera and an adapter for your old lenses.

Personally I only have experience with a canon aps-c m mount camera and was very happy to choose a full frame option from Sony. To fit my budget I did have to choose a somewhat older model (a7ii) to be able to afford some new glass, but have not regretted that decision yet. Can't decide for you though.

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