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Hi everyone!

I think if Sony made something I bought it ... from amplifiers to walkmans ... I should open a pre-owned store.聽 馃檪

Was very young when Morita gave me a diminutive preproduction radio and was hooked ever since.

So hope to jump right into this wonderful community and will learn/contribute as much as I can.


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my gosh think i was 6~7 when i got my first slr - a pentax om1 (still have it)

gave me strong arms lifting that thing as a kid with its 200mm tele 聽 馃お

so this 6k will keep me plenty busy

though if/when i need 4k guess will have to get one of its more capable sisters

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15 hours ago, jmc said:

a pentax om1


The OM1 (OM1n actually) in my cupboard was made by Olympus. The camera is amazingly compact and light for a film SLR of its time --- but a long telephoto lens, probably not so much.

I wish I could trace my photography experience back to such a young age. In fact, it feels like I forgot everything over a long period of digital P&Ss until I started "real-camera" stuff again just two or three years ago. With an a6000. I upgraded to the a6500 fairly quickly, but since then, no more body upgrades: lenses are, and will, take the money out of my pocket for the next several years.

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my mom got tired of me on a bungee cord tied to her waist so she glared at dad to figure something out and he dumped the om1 on me and said go play
so anywhere from pajama parents to sibling weddings you name it i photographed everything and it cost dad a bomb but he knew a camera shop owner who had a darkroom so that helped
good o' kodak asa200 canisters that reeked of chemical smells ... those were the days!
and sure enough in high school i ran the campus darkroom (converted from an old dormant storage room) and in my first real job i had the opportunity to process some serious film out of an astronomy group studying the sun ... good times

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OK ok ok ... took me a couple weeks but I got my 6000 to grow up into a 6300聽 馃槢

That 6k just had too many new camera lemons in it so gave it back and managed to get a smokin deal on a 6.3k and now I have to go through that 321 page (!!!) user guide.聽 My goodness ... I could just see all those engineers sitting around the tech able and like "let's see how many more features we can make those yanks read about and never use!!"

I may report back if my eyes are still intact afterwards ...

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11 hours ago, jmc said:

"let's see how many more features we can make those yanks read about and never use!!"

A6000 -> A6500, I bought the David Busch book, even though I had the a6000 one already. There is enough new that you want to know about, some of聽 which you probably will use. There were even one or two things that I learnt that I then discovered had been on the a6000.

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