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Old audio guy, New to a6100. It is being used to record church services. We are having a frustrating audio noise issue...BACKGROUND NOISE, call it "white-noise-like," that is present in all audio tracks, regardless if we use the internal mics, or high-quality, external mics via a Yamaha mixer (via unbal line outs and direct box connection). The noise is there IF the cameras record level is operating in its mid range (watching the green LEVEL bars as they indicate input level). The only way to get rid of the noise is to turn the RECORD LEVEL down so low that the recorded sound is waayyy too low in amplitude. Compared to the recorded audio from a decent cell phone THIS SUCKS!....ANY help or ideas are greatly appreciated!


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    • By RileyMclaughlin
      Hello! I need some help on a few things I'm a little confused about. Im really hoping someone here can help answer my questions so I can purchase the correct Microphone and wireless transmitters.
      Okay here it goes, Im needing to buy a wireless mic setup but I will rarely use the lav mic. If I buy a wireless mic setup that comes with a lav mic can I plug in a shotgun or studio mic instead? I understand that it would need to be the correct jack. here is the exact set up i'm looking to get 
       Saramonic UWMIC10 96-Ch Digital UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System (RX10+TX10)

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.  
      I'll keep the lav mic for occasional use but I want to us this mic instead. 

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.  
      this mic comes with the 3 pin xlr adapter fyi
      Or do I need to get this instead

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.  
      all In all I guess what Im confused about is if the audio technica studio mic can plug into the transmitter that the lav mic comes with? I would like to do that so I can have the lav mic as well. Or do I have to get  the xlr transmitter instead?
      thank you so much for the help! 
    • By BranMart
      Has anyone had this problem?  It started with a hum in the audio today and then stopped working.  Tried multiple mic setups and nothing.  Moved back to A7s and the same mic worked.  
      Thanks! -Brandon
    • By timmetz
      Hi there!
      I have a question about using an external mic when recording video on the A7: I've plugged a wireless Sony URX-P03 receiver, which is connected to a UTX-B03 receiver with a clip-on mic to record an interview.
      It sounds to me like the A7 is automatically mixing the audio from the clip-on Mic together with the internal mic from the camera itself, as you hear a lot of background noise in the interview I'm shooting (see and hear here). However, I can't find any setting on the A7 to choose which audio sources to record and/or to turn off the internal mic.
      Any thoughts on this?
      Thanks in advance!
      Tim Metz
    • By apdirection
      I've been trying to figure out good audio monitoring options for the a6300. I still can't believe they didn't include a headphone jack, but I like the camera enough that I've been trying to work around this shortcoming. Here are my findings:
      Shotgun Mics
      The (now discontinued) Shure VP83F has a built-in headphone jack. Beware there is a cheaper VP83 (no F) that does NOT have a headphone jack. It's cheaper because it doesn't have the built-in recorder that the VP83F has. As far as I know, the VP83F is the only shotgun mic of this type with a built in headphone jack. I've switched to the VP83F and can confirm this works as a headphone solution for the a6300.
      Lav Mics
      The Sony UWP and Audio Technica System 10s have headphone monitoring outs built into the receivers. I don't believe the Sennheiser G2 or G3 series have headphone jacks on the receiver units, but you may be able to use a splitter on the audio out as a solution. If anyone has experience with this I'd definitely be interested. I know a splitter like this (http://amzn.com/B000068O5H) works on the audio out of my H4N to plug one into my a6300 and one into headphones.
      Zooms and Other Recorders
      One option I've seen is people using a Zoom H1 with a 3.5mm mic to monitor and record audio. You can purchase a multi-coldshoe mount like this http://amzn.com/B00HTWF8M2, attach a mic up top and the Zoom to one of the sides. The Zoom H1 and H4N (and probably other ones) only have one line out/headphone out jack. You can use a splitter (http://amzn.com/B000068O5H) on the line out and use an aux cable or male to male adapter to connect to the a6300 with one end of the splitter and use your headphones on the other end to monitor audio. Of course, you can also just record using the Zooms and sync in post later, but the splitter does allow you record your mic audio directly to your footage. 
      An Adapter
      First, I've tried this adapter with an hdmi to micro hdmi converter that has an aux out jack: http://amzn.com/B00YC7U0NE
      I could not get the aux out to work with headphones. I didn't have the VGA connected to any video source (like a monitor), so maybe that's why audio didn't work. I was hoping this would work because you can connect an external monitor via the micro hdmi out on the a6300, and the a6300 will deliver audio to that monitor and you can use headphones if the monitor has a jack for it. 
      Recording Two Mono Audio Sources (ie a Shotgun and Lav Mic track) on the same footage! 
      Using a splitter you can actually record two tracks to the same footage. If you plug the splitter into the a6300 mic jack, you can now record one audio track to the left channel and another audio track to the right channel. For example, you can plug a shotgun mic into one end of the splitter and a lav mic into the other end. When you look at the audio bars on the a6300, they should each be different volumes from each other. In post, you now have two audio tracks with your footage that you don't have to sync. You'll just have to mute the channel you don't want to use (left or right) and apply the channel you do want to use to the other side. While recording, you can even monitor one of the options, or possibly both with separate ears but that might not be so useful. 
      The Splitter...
      When I mention the audio splitter in all of these suggestions, I'm suggestions a specific one. The one I suggest has two mono female ends (left and right signal), that combine into one stereo male end. I believe most headphone splitters actually will split one stereo signal into two stereo signals, and this will not work for anything I've said above. Also, if you're trying to work audio with an iPhone involved, they use different audio tip called TRRS. This may require all different type of adapters too (I believe Rode actually sells a few specific to the iPhone). I don't know enough about audio science to really dive into this, but just be aware of the different audio connectors out there. 
      It'd be great if anyone has anything to add to this or point out anything I missed. It's a unique (...okay, frustrating) situation to have such a great video camera without built-in headphone monitoring, so the more info out there the better! 
    • By Batis
      I just received my RodeLink Filmmaker wireless audio recording system. I plugged it in my Sony a7ii and shot a few YouTube videos to see how it goes. This is definitely better than the Sony ECM-W1m® wireless audio system. It is larger and requires an audio cable to be run into the input mic port on the camera. I know without a doubt the sound quality is better and the ease of setup is just as easy. My only complaint this early in the game is I cannot use it with my a6000 unless I use my Atomos Ninja-2 external recorder. Not a deal breaker for me. 
      You can watch the very short video I recored here and let me know what you think about the audio system.
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