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Sony A7SIII announced, excited? How would you use it?

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Now that pics, specs & reviews are out, are you excited? If you were to get it, what would you use it for & at what settings?

For example: I would mostly shoot events like hikes, birthdays, but also some camera gear reviews & various camera tests, likely using 1080p 60fps most of the time.

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    • Your reply in no way answers OP's questions @Chrissie. You're raising all kinds of arguments against the use of 4k120p that may be totally irrelevant to OP: The maximum bitrate at 4k/120p 10 bit 4:2:2 is 280 Mbit/s or 35 MB/s (H.265 XAVC HS codec). A 160 GB card can record 4571 seconds at this bitrate, or 1h:16min. This is a much lower bitrate than 4k/60p 16 bit (600 Mbit/s), so I don't see why an external recorder couldn't handle this. Might need a firmware update though.
    • I think you'll have to learn reading the fine print, and not to believe all hearsay or marketing hype. For instance: Sony itself claims the  involves a "10% crop". (Click on the "6" footnote at the end of that heading). It's up to anyone's guess wether that is a 10 % crop at the overall pixel count, of if it's applied to both width and height of the image. In the latter case, that would amount to a 19% loss already. The same sources quotes the via HDMI at a maximum of 60f
    • Ultimately, I need to record at 4K, 120, 4:2:2.  I can't compromise on that.    I know that I need the CFexpress card to do so internally.  But the 160 Gig card is $400.  It's not cheap so I was thinking that perhaps I should just go with an external recorder like the Shogun so that I can have a harddrive, along with the monitor and XLR inputs.  Yes, this is $1200 but that's why I'm looking for advice.  Im confused as to the Shogun's recording.  It's listed at 4K, 60, 4:2:2, but someon
    • Yup!  Couldn't agree more. In my line of work we go by measure twice cut once ... just repeat that mentally 5 times before actual execution, heh Though all that eye exercise didn't help with the NFC issue -> still somewhat flaky Gonna keep trying with the 6300 and 100 to see what trick gets that to actually work?
    • Wow this is the response I got from Sony. Apparently the cards are being recalled because of this issue. This is pretty big news: I have checked that some of the Sony Tough card will not work with the Sony ILCE7SM3 camera and we will process the replacement for the SD card. Yes. Definitely the replacement cards will work with your latest camera and to the older model as well.
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