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Best colour inkjet printer (A3)

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I'm thinking of getting a good colour printer to do up to A3 size without costing a fortune of money and hassle in cartridges. The Epson eco-tank et-7750 looks good, but I'm struggling to find serious reviews. Does anyone own this printer? Could you share your pros and cons? Many thanks in advance

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At the risk of sounding flippant, if you're serious about producing good quality prints on good quality paper you will have to spend serious money. Such printers offer 8 to 10 large capacity ink cartridges with the ability to handle a variety of paper sizes and thicknesses such as Epson Sure Color P600 or P800, Canon Pixma Pro 100s, etc.

Buying a consumer grade printer will save money but limits output quality and use of better (think thicker) fine art papers.

I use an Epson P800 and am very happy with the quality of the prints and is now available at well below its $1,200 cost due to the release of newer models. Good luck!

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Many thanks Cass and Bokeh, and sorry for the late reply. I ended up buying the Epson et-7750 and so far it has proved to be exceptionally good - for me the perfect compromise between a very high quality machine with expensive inks which I would love, but would be better than my photos, and an amazing printer for volume output, where I can print day to day documents and as many 6 x 4s as I like, while printing nice A4s and A3s in outstanding quality when I feel it's worth it. With two sets of refillable inks, I would imagine I'll never need to buy any more, as it's likely to last me several years. I've invested in some really good Marrutt paper and I can't imagine getting better prints. 

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I use the Epson SP 970.

Printing on A3 uses a lot of ink (particularly light cyan) 

However, printing at best quality on Satin Archival paper gives me lovely prints which should last ages without fading.

Archival paper is acid free and said to last 150years! without fading (don't ask me how they came up with this figure)

I also spray the print withUV protection and mount using archival techniques (look on line for instruction) Surprisingly easy.

I keep my mounted prints in a portfolio unitl I want to frame them (switching what pics I have on the wall when I want a change)

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