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Switched from Canon, struggling though !

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Switched from Canon a few months back but struggling with Sony's menu and just general shooting compared to my Canon's, watched loads of YT tutorials but still struggle a bit with it. My main interest is astro using a tracking mount using a modded 600D, sold my 6D and all my L series lenses but I've just got another used 6D as I loved it but I will use the the Sony for astro.

Got a A7III with the 24mm GM to start with to try some wide field astro but yet to use it for that yet due to Convid ! I then picked up the Sony 35mm Zeiss, Sony 55mm Zeiss and the Sony 90mm Macro as I did some macro over lockdown but I want to get more in to general photography  🙆‍♂️ so I'm committed to Sony now can't afford to swap back 🥺

I'm now after a zoom probably the 100-400 GM which I've posted a question in the lenses forum.

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Hi, I have a7iii & 24mmGM too, what a powerful combination. Totally agree with you on the menu system, it takes a while to get used to, the start menu can help, also utilizing all the custom buttons for most used functions, as well as reprogramming some existing buttons to other functions that you need most.

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