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Nesting baby bird

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    • By jim.avery7@gmail.com
      It takes about 60 seconds for my a9 buffer to clear with a Sony G Tough card in Slot 1 and compressed Raw file format. This seems almost twice as long as some claims. The test is to shoot till the buffer is full, about 240 files, then time how long it takes until the buffer is clear, that is the led goes off and the files are done transferring. Is there an expected variance in the camera or SD card write speed that would explain this? or do I have a buggy camera or card. 
    • By BobLester
      A fellow Sony user is having an issue with his 100-400 on his A9. In 45 minutes of use this happens four or five times. The AF display is there are black. He attempts to focus on anything, infinity or close to force the lens to focus and nothing happens. A restart of the camera gets it going each time. Things improved at bit after updating to V6 firmware. It stays operational longer and a restart seems to always fix it. With V5 that wasn’t always the case. 
      He called Sony and they had him send it in. They said they fixed it but when he got the lens back it behaved the same way. 
      He also has a 200-600 that does not behave this way but the number of in focus images is not consistent with what I am getting with an A9 and 200-600.
      Has anyone had this issue with the a9/100-400 combination?

      I'm curious to know if these two lenses can be effectively used in FF bodies without invoking crop mode. For instance, in my Pentax APS-C setup, I can use my 35mm and 50mm lenses in compatible FF bodies (film and DSLR). There is very slight vignetting, but I can get a full frame view out of them.

      Has anyone else tried these two lenses in FF mode?
    • By BobLester
      I’m new to this forum and looking for help.
      I’m not able to get fast moving birds in focus with this combination. I’ve tried lots of different combinations of tracking, OSS modes, focus areas, etc.. It’s not very light here so I’m having to shoot at very high ISOs but it’s practice. I’m still new at trying to pan and keep the bird in the frame. But out of hundreds of burst shots I would think that at least a few would show promise. But I can tell that these aren’t sharp without even cropping. I realize this is high ISO (it’s dark here in the PNW) but this image should be sharper. 1/3200, 6.3, ISO 12800. This is one of my better examples. Birds not this close and flying faster are really bad. I’ve tried all the setting combinations I could find that were recommended. Pretty sure this one is zone af, AF-C, and mode 2 on the lens. I was prefocused on it when it took off. 
      I can’t find a lot of info on this camera lens combination. What I can find in one post is contradicted in another. 
      Anyone shooting this combination have any suggestions? Or is this just not a good camera for any kind of fast bird?
      Thanks in advance. 
    • By Hubert
      I want to power my Sony A9 with a power bank via the (only) usb micro plug of the camera. Then how can I plug CamRanger2 or other devices with usb micro plugs to the camera? Is there any split cable available?
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