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New a7R IV User - Strobe Options?

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So I have a nice shiny new a7R IV.  And my PocketWizards that I have for Canon don't work at all on it - not even to just fire with manual settings on the strobes.  I read somewhere that someone got theirs to work by slightly pulling the transmitter away from the flash shoe on the Sony and then tightening it down and it would at least wirelessly fire the flash.  I'd be happy with that, but alas nothing I do works.

So I've been looking at some strobes - anyone use the Neewer Vision5?  I don't need anything elaborate.  I'm currently using AlienBees units with PocketWizards and a portable Li-Ion battery pack.  So the Neewer with the built in battery is great to me.  I really do on location mostly with my flash, so battery powered is a must as most of my locations are out in nature.  I know I could get a stupid long sync cable and fire off the flash but I want wireless for mobility.

I have heard that perhaps the Neewer is made by Godox?  Godox has some good looking units also, but they are a lot more expensive.  My portrait work is just for my own fun so no need to spend a ton on it.

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