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Sony A7III Posterization and Colored Banding

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I took some milky way with Sony A7RIV and Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM. The photo shows circular color banding artifact when post-processed as shown in the following photo, taken with ISO 100, 16mm, 6" at f2.8.

Some tests are done to try to identify the source of the artifacts. All photos in the tests were taken with the lens cap on.

All photos in the above results are applied the same following adjustments.

It appears that the circular color banding happens with ultra wide angle (16-19mm).

Is this an issue of my unit or design? Is this an issue of camera or lens?





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4 hours ago, dbmiller said:

Looks like it is the in camera lens corrections for vignetting. Try turning that off and see if it still happens.

A quick test confirms it. The same enhancement in Lightroom as in the original post is applied to the photos.

Thank you very much for your hint, dbmiller.

I didn't think Sony would allow the in camera processing affect RAW, but Sony does.

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