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External Mic not working on Sony A6100 (HELP)

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Hey guys! I really would appreciate your help and expertise. I just got my Sony A6100 and was excited to start filming. I currently use an external microphone that is a FIFINE technology wireless microphone. It has one piece that connects into the mic jam, and then a second piece that is on your body hooked to a microphone on the shirt. 

I have two and they have always worked fine with other stuff, but for some reason on this camera it worked for a few minutes and just cut out. I have tried trouble shooting and can't seem to get anywhere. I find it hard to believe that not one but two of my mics are both not working? 
Has anyone had a similar problem or have any solutions. 
thanks for the help and advice. 

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I had the same problem and puzzled over it for ages and looked to this forum, but no luck. As it was a new camera with a working internal mike, I figured the problem had to be the jacks.   After some trial and error I got it working. The jack going into the mic socket must be a two-pole.  Also if using an extension chord it must have a two pole socket and jack too.  If you are using a wireless microphone check that it is a two - pole jack that the transmitter you use has.   Hope it works out for you , drove me crazy for a while.


FYI the jack in the middle is the two-pole the other will simply not work I was using three and four pole before.

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