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sony lens adapter

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i am currently using a sony a77 and considering buying a sony a7r mk3 or 4, obviously these are e-mount cameras, all my lenses are a-mount.

my question is, if i use an adapter to fit my a- mount lenses do you loose any picture quality with them. Thanks.

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Simple answer: no.

Depending on which adapter you buy, you even gain image quality: the LA-EA1 and EA3 adapters don't have the semitranslucent mirror which is in your a77 so you gain about 1/3 stop of light. Be sure to check if your lenses are compatible with these adapters though: the newer A-mount lenses should have decent autofocus but the older lenses have very poor (or no) AF with the LA-EA1/3. If you currently have A-mount fullframe lenses, get EA3.

If you have older lenses or ones incompatible with the LA-EA1/3, get the LA-EA2/4 (4 for fullframe lenses). This one has a separate AF-module and a semitranslucent mirror, so it makes your E-mount camera mimic an A-mount camera. Image quality should be pretty much identical to what you have now (except for improved ISO-performance in the newer cameras).

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The Sony LA-EA 4 will surely be the best option for you as long as you are considering a full frame E-mount camera. Despite the fact that you are using Sony A77 (which is a crop sensor camera), your lenses are suited for the full frame format>

I am using the LA-EA 4 even for the old Minolta lenses

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Keep in mind that the AF-module of the LA-EA4 is quite old and very limited (few AF-sensors spread over a small area). On top of that, you loose some light compared to the EA3. @Taher Abouraya

The LA-EA3 on the other hand uses the phase detect AF-capabilities of your sensor so should be capable of vastly better AF than the LA-EA4, except that this only works with the newer Sony A-mount lenses.

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It is true that you loose 1/3 of a stop which can be easily compensated. But, the AF on the EA3 is really very slow. I think you need to try both before you take a decision. I also have the LA-EA 1 and LA-EA2 for the crop sensor and the case is the same the EA1 is very slow when you use the SAM or SSM lenses or even manual focus in case you use the lenses that do not have an AF motor. 

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