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Wireless transfer to Mac /Catalina

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Has anyone successfully set up wireless transfer to a Mac running Catalina?  My goal is wireless transfer to Mac running Lightroom Classic (not an uncommon configuration, I think, for owners of this camera).  Ideally, it would be automatic, or button-press on camera.

  • An absolute requirement is that I get the original ARW file, not a JPG.
  • Another absolute requirement is that however the pictures arrive, if Lightroom sees them again on the card (via USB cable or plugging in the card), the pictures already in Lightroom via wireless transfer are not duplicated.
  • Ideally, the wireless transfer comes right into Lightroom; however it's OK if they arrive on disc to be imported later.

I have given up on Sony ever being current with their Mac software; Play Memories doesn't work. and seems unlikely ever to work.

Transfer to Mobile, which is a multi-step process and leads to duplication of pictures if you aren't careful.

That leaves FTP.

I have successfully made my A7R4 FTP to my Synology DiskStation - but only in non-secure mode (which is OK, but not ideal); and it requires the DiskStation being accessible, which it isn't if travelling outside the home.

I'd love to FTP directly to the Mac filesystem.  But Catalina only offers secure FTP via SSH on port 22.

  • Checking the "secure" option on the camera fails, even when changing the port from 21 (FTP) to 22 (SSH).
  • I have turned on Mac file sharing via SFTP.
  • I have verified that from another computer, "% sftp username@machinename" followed by password works fine to put to the Mac, but whatever Sony is doing doesn't seem to be that.
  • For testing, I have also tried SFTP to the DiskStation using: "% sftp username@diskstation" works from another computer, but Sony won't connect to that either.

Any hints or ideas?

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Hello - I am looking to do a similar thing. I have Sony A7rIV and do a lot of real estate photography. Whilst on site I want to be able to send my RAW/jpg  files back to my MAC via FTP. Apple removed native FTP support from OSX so I am looking at ways to setup my MAC as an FTP server using QuickFTP or Rumpus and then using the FTP capability of the camera to send the files. Ideally I would like to find some way of getting the transferred files preloaded into CaptureOne for editing by the time  I arrive home, would save a lot of time and streamline my workflow. Ideally I would like to find a way secure of of transmitting these files to my MAC as step one and then to figure a way of getting those files into CaptureOne from there as step 2. Ideally the camera configuration for the FTP services can be stored as a preset as part of the memory recall capability so I only have to recall one of the memory functions to have everything setup to go including the wifi connection to my mobile phone for internet services. Too much to ask?

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