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Shutter Count > 0 on brand new camera?


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This is my first camera, and I've spent months researching before making the purchase this morning. The first thing I did was take a single photo, and upload it to tools.science.si and shuttercounter.com.

Both sources stated that the shutter count of the device is 2, instead of an expected 1. So I took a second photo to make sure the shutter count wasn't incrementing by 2, and the second photo's shutter count was 3. The salesman at the store said the box was opened prior to my arrival at the store to confirm all the contents were present, but the device had never been powered on. And the battery was completely discharged upon opening the box.

I've read plenty of bad stories about customers purchasing used cameras that were sold as new, so I'm hyper paranoid. Even though everything appears to be in working order, the contents of the box were clearly disorganized upon opening.

Is it possible I was sold a used or display device?

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I wouldn't concern myself with this.  1 versus 2 shutter releases is nothing.  I bought a used A77V body and it had a shutter count approaching 8,500 and works just fine overall. The only problem is that it won't store the date and time so I either set it every time I use the body and leave it turned on or just not worry about it. I mostly don't worry about it.  I edit the file name after I download to the correct date and care little about the actual time.

I suspect that someone may have tried it out if it was at a camera shop with one click or it was done at the factory as a test.  But it means little.  You likely have years of use a head of you.


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