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BIF wing movement aberration


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I have a problem with shooting birds where there is wing movement. Its difficult to explain what's happening so please have a look at the attached images.

I have two Sony A7iii bodies and it is the same with both. I have had the same problem with both the 70-200 and 200-600. I've tried turning OSS off on the lens. These were both taken using a tripod. They were taken with shutter speeds in excess of 1/1000. I would expect motion blur in the wing tips but certainly not what I am getting. 

I contacted Sony who suggested I update the firmware but it is still happening.

Has anyone come across this or got any suggestions on what else to try? 

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Thank you, LiveShots, that is exactly what the problem is. I’ve done some fairly extensive testing today with both types of shutter and it is as you say. The mechanical works every time. The electronic fails most of the time. My thanks to all the sparrows who helped in this research. No thanks to Sony support who didn’t have a clue.

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