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Unable to connect via PC Remote

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Hi there,

I'm trying to set up my Sony a6300 as webcam using the Sony Remote software to my Mac Book Pro.

For some reason it's recognising the camera but not connecting. It seems to be stuck in the 'Connecting... USB' cycle even when I've left it for several hours.

I'm using the USB setting PC Connect on the camera
I'm using the Sony USB to B cable supplied with camera.

So far I've tried the following;
1. Using another USB to B cable (although it is recognising the camera, just not connecting - see screenshots)

2. Reset camera to factory settings

3. Uninstalled and re-installed the Sony Image Edge software

4. Several restarts of the Mac and Camera

Fair to say I'm stumped!!!

Anyone else have any ideas?

Thank you :-)

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There may be another application trying to use the camera. If Photos Is set to open when a camera is detected then this may cause an issue. 

Another thing to check is any automated process to copy photos to iCloud or Google Drive.

If you have Google Drive then disable it.

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