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Frustrated a7rii user

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I have an a7rii. Feeling extremely frustrated that I can’t figure this out. All of a sudden I’m not able to get anything to display in the monitor lcd screen. Everything is only visible if I look thru the viewfinder. Playback images/ navigating the menu, etc. Nothing that I’m seeing on menu options makes it work. I’ve also done a reset of the settings. Nothing. A ton of Googling is not yielding any answers. Help! 

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I guess you've been menu staring enough, but just in case you missed...

Working on a6500 menu options, your camera might have more, but probably doesn't have less.

  • You can (could have?) set a programmable button to Deactivate Monitor, Finder/monitor select, or monitor brightness.
  • You can (could have?) set Finder/Monitor menu item to finder.
  • You can Set monitor brightness menu item, but it doesn't seem possible to set it to zero.

First make sure that sensor is clean and unobstructed as per Olaf W. Then maybe set a button to Finder/Monitor select: this might help diagnose a dead lcd screen. I'm suggesting a button rather than the menu item, to make it harder to get stuck in monitor mode if the lcd is dead.


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Your rear monitor is turned off. Go to menu cogwheel 4 finder/monitor and set it to auto. This will allow you to automatically switch back and forth between the viewfinder and the rear LCD. Make sure the rear IR sensor above the viewfinder is not blocked or dirty. 

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Thanks for all the help! I think I’m good now. Cleaning the sensor seems to have fixed everything. The finder/monitor was set on Auto. I switched it to monitor (manual) and the screen displayed normally. But when I switched back to auto, only viewfinder worked. Cleaning the sensor (which I didn’t even realize was there and controlled this- I swear this camera makes me feel like my IQ drop 30 points) and it’s acting normally. Thanks again!

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    • Hi Pieter, Not yet. I've thought about that, to use a tripod. But I've no time to try that yet. I'll try it this weekend and let you know.  Thanks!
    • Did you try manually focussing at 135mm, camera on tripod / solid ground, delayed release? If you can get sharp pictures that way, at least you know the optics are fine.
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