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Hey Guys,

so i filmed a bunch of videos for an assessment and it's due tonight! The issue is, the video's are not showing up on my sd card when i plug it in either directly into the laptop or through the camera. The videos,  however do show up on the camera? 

Why is this happening and how do i fix it? 

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1 minute ago, Olaf W. said:

You have to locate the correct subfolder and files depending on the used video format. If you used MP4 all videos might be inside just one file.

They are avchd file files? 

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19 minutes ago, Olaf W. said:

Look for big files in subfolders to locate them. Did you check by playing back on the camera that the videos are actually on the card?

I've searched through every file via sd card. I can play it back on the camera

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I figured it out.. really annoying. So above peopled mentioned its in Private\AVCHD which is correct but AVCHD is not a folder. it looks like its own file that opens with quicktime player. when you double click the file, it will open quicktime player with all of your footage.

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 6.00.08 PM.png

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It IS a folder, kind of. It's called a PACKAGE. Control+Click, right click, whatever click to get inside. For AVCHD you'll need to do this a few times. AVCHD then yields > BMVD then yields > STREAM folder which contains video.

(This will help anyone finding a mega huge file (likely a package) without a clue as to why it's so big, what's inside, and how do I get to the goods.)


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