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Sony RX100 VII

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Sorry if it's been asked before but I cant find it in the search engine on the forum.

Does anyone use this and what do you think of it. I have the A9 but was thinking of it as a carry around back up.

I know there are reviews on the web but I am wondering what forum members think


Thanks in advance.

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I got one as a replacement for my original RX100 which finally stopped working after 6 or 7 years.

It's a brilliant camera, particularly the Tracking autofocus. I took it on holiday to Cyprus as my only camera and was very pleased with the results. I shot RAW + jpeg and edited the raw in Lightroom on an iPad as an experiment. This worked great, but the jpegs are really nice so I might just use it as a jpeg camera for most purposes.

I  usually shoot A7RIII and A7III and I really like how the menus and capabilities are so similar across the cameras, makes it easy to switch between them.

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I'm waiting for the RX100 mark 8, in hopes, that Sony offers an upgrade path to people who prefer a shorter and brighter lens, like the mark 5 had.

But with the chip shortages and many other economic issues, who knows when that might become available.

Fans of this powerful portable camera thought the RX100 mark 8 was overdue since 2019...



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