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power from AC, using cam for streaming

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My guess... it'll be like the a6500, which says you have to have charge in your battery while USN-"powering" and that the battery will be running down. Explanation: the USB is not actually powering the camera, it's charging the battery which is powering the camera. You're going to get enhanced runtime, but not forever. For that, you need the dummy.


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Thanks Thad, that's my conclusion too, after spidering the internet for everything I could find on this subject.  The charger will provide roughtly 2/3'rds of the power necessary to run the camera. The rest comes from the battery. So, it'll extend the life of the battery, but when the battery finally crashes, so will your livestream.  I guess I'll buy a dummy charger.

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Yes to the above. Won't run off USB forever' Law of diminishing returns power wise.

Have dummy adapter for the mains but find myself using this satellite setup most of the time in studio and in the field. Powers both camera and external monitor/recorder depending on how I have the rig set up.

SS 4.jpg

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    • By SnikwaH
      I tried using a dummy battery to power my A7ii for a variety of uses, but whenever I switch from my regular battery to the dummy battery and vice versa, I am prompted to set the date and time.
      I have 2 regular batteries and switching between them is completely normal.
      Dummy Battery: it asks for 5V 2A or more.
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      Hi there!
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      Does anyone know the limitations of usb cables for connectivity or are their specific cables I need to buy.
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      Hi, I'm facing a problem.

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      +10.000 karma points for the person who can help me out!
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