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Creating in a Quarantine - India a7III

Zainob Mathew

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    • By Sam Essex
      My record button is stuck down and will not return to its normal place. Anyone know how to fix this?
    • By Marianos
      When I press or release the autofocus button on my Sony Alpha 7 III I notice a lag in the screen and in the viewfinder. And it is really annoying.
      Here you can see a video of the lag (at 1:23). The fix he says in the video doesn't solve the problem for me.
      I'm using the Sony Alpha 7 III (last firmware) with the Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 Art. The lag is noticeable with both "Display Quality" set to "Standard" or "High", and regardless of the used "Focus Mode".
      Do you notice the same? Is it possible to fix it?
    • By bh641
      When a7IV comes out, what price would the a7III and a7II be?
    • By Eric615
      Recently my LCD screen stopped working. Everything I’ve researched addresses the screen going black but my problem is a little bit different and I can’t find anything that addresses it.
       It started as a faint reddish-orange thin horizontal line right above the camera settings extending the entire width of the bottom of the screen. It was almost like a ghosting effect over the text. Over about the next hour or so the lines gradually multiplied upward in a variety of brighter colors until it was 1/2 way up the screen. Shortly after it fizzled the rest of the way up very quickly and turned dark. It didn’t turn completely black or even a solid just dark gray with thin vertical lines all the way across. 
      I’ve attached pictures of the screen when the problem got bad. It’s not a great pic but it was dark and foggy and I was in the middle of a huge field in the middle of nowhere. 
      The camera itself still functions properly but I can’t switch feed to the viewfinder because I had set it to monitor only. I hooked up an external LCD and tried to change it that way but the option was grayed out.
      I have a theory on what could have caused the problem. I was doing some running around and quick on my feet stuff so I had worked up quite a sweat. I had my screen tilted up and on a few or more occasions my sweat dripped from my hat onto the screen several times.  I’m not talking about a mist either. I was sweating hard. Of course I wiped it off immediately but only the front. I was in a dark environment and trying to keep pace with my subjects. And honestly didn’t think it was anything to worry about.
      In looking at the back of the LCD screen I noticed that it appears to be somewhat open in terms of the housing and If that’s the case my sweat could’ve easily rolled around the back into the grove that’s directly on the bottom on the back of the screen.
      Im almost positive replacing the screen is the answer but before I dive into the repair I want to get some opinions
      I did buy this camera refurbished from Amazon about 6 months ago and also purchased a warranty with Asurion but I’m not paying deductibles and waiting forever to solve this over a $50 part I can replace myself. If it was serious damage then obviously I’d have no choice.
      I would greatly appreciate any feedback! 

    • By deeepraveen
      It was a casual Sunday morning after breakfast, asked my daughter to pose like a ghost which she did good and turned out quite creepy after some edits.
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