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    • Does anyone else have issues with a jittery image on their A7SIII EVF when in video mode, recording in 4K S-I 10bit. It only occurs with this codec and is totally smooth with no issues in all other codecs. Wondering if this is just my unit or a common problem?
    • On my Mac, I right click on a photo and select "Info".  A popup shows me aperture, shutter speed, but not ISO.  Does the A7C record ISO  If so, how do I access it on my Mac?  Is there an app?  Thanks.
    • Hello everyone. So I have really wanted to grab a timelapse of my resin printer.  Uncle Jessy from youtube has come out with a pretty cool cable that is a photoresistor that can take your shots as the leds are firing inside your printer. Resinlapse Cable Resulting in perfectly timed prints as it raises out of the vat. My question though. The cable he made is for Canon cameras. So I purchased an adapter that should work in theory. See below. Lanc cable But I got it all together today and it does not work. Unless I am missing something. Is there a setting I need to turn on to get the Multipass port to look at what is plugged in? I don't even know how to troubleshoot which cable is the one that is not working ,as I do not have a Canon camera on hand. Did I do something/get the wrong gear? Camera: Sony a6400 Lens: Sony SEL90M28G
    • First, there is a typo in my original response.  I wrote "The focal length of a lens does not change when the film/sensor size changes -- but either does the angle of view or the field of view of the lens." That should be "The focal length of a lens does not change when the film/sensor size changes -- but neither does the angle of view or the field of view of the lens." There is a description and a visual graphic of the differences of what we are discussing on my website: The World's Most Complete Fujinon Large Format Lens List  
    • 🤔😄 (sorry for that) Forgive me, but English is not my native language, so maybe I'm misunderstanding you or not understanding you properly. I might need a thorougher explanation. I think I understand what you are trying to convey, but are you saying that a "picture" has an angle?? How come? Anyway, I hope that with everything that has been said and explained, NK Creative's question might have been answered. Has it? It would be nice to have his feedback.
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