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    • We typically go around the am times and around late afternoon early evening  and it’s a lot to handle when we are just starting out but we will definitely be trying out what you said  also is there a lens you suggest we normal do scenery and our animals. We typically shoot any where from 2 feet away all the way to 15 feet away. And we shoot and edit in raw format  https://i.ibb.co/gzg1wbC/4-FA6-D259-3741-4857-BFF6-E91-A82-FCF47-A.jpg and see if that’s any better quality 
    • I have a Neewer intervalometer for my A7rii which has worked fine in the past but lately will not work.  My settings are the same  as previously used...manual setting, bulb mode.  I have version 4.01 software that had been updated about 6 months ago or so.  I tried a few things to no avail.  One thing that did work was holding the shutter release half way down and pressing the release on the intervalometer, it would activate the shutter but if I released my finger from the half press, the shutte
    • Yes, that picture looks unacceptable. For proper assessment, though, you need to upload the original image file, not a screenshot from a phone. You are out and about in daylight? You should be going for a much lower ISO. If you need high shutter speeds (hint: unless your subject is moving, you don't) then you probably want a much "faster" (larger aperture) lens. I was initially very disappointed with the kit lens that came with my a6000. Now I know that I'd much rather walk around with
    • Sounds like you and your girlfriend are pretty frustrated with the results from your A6100.  Keep this in mind: Progress, not Perfection.  No photographer claims their picture is perfect, and pretty much every photography I've listened to as talk about the "journey" of photography. Down to the nitty-gritty of getting that noise out of your photo: ISO in film land is about how sensitive to light the film material is.  Now throw that concept out, because it doesn't apply to digital photo
    • maybe someone help me. I wrongly pressed the delete all button and I lost all of my client's wedding photos. how to return it. I have tried several data recovery software, but they didn't help please help me .. please
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