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Hi everyone. Your opinion?

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Hi everyone.  I'm pretty new here.  I have a Sony A7III and shoot mostly outdoors photography.

I'm considering buying a 200-600mm lens but have also heard rumors that Sony is going to be introducing the Sony A7IV soon.

I have a 400mm lens that works for most purposes so the longer length isn't that critical and I'm wondering if I should save my money and wait till the A7IV comes out.

Has anyone heard when Sony expects to release that camera.  If it's going to be fairly soon, I will probably hold off buying the lens, if not, well...

Any thoughts you folks might have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and it's nice to be here.

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How much better, is the  A 7 4 going to be, over the A 7 3 ?

I could understand the question more, if you were going to update to  the  A 7 S or A 7 R series.

Presumably, you are talking about using a tripod ? 

Offhand I have no idea how much the  200 - 600 lens weighs, but I did rent the 70 - 200   f 2.8 for a couple of days.

Yes, lovely lens, but so heavy, to lug around on a day to day basis, I would never considder buying one.

Is there anywhere , locally you can rent, the 200  - 600 ?  do some test shots  ?

Or mebbe your local shop, will let you try it out  ?

It would be a real waste of money, to pay for the  200 - 600, then find out, its not what you expected, especially as you are happy with your 400 mm.

I, would wait, and see , what this : A 7 4, has to offer.....then decide,   if its so different,   that  you want to update.

Then, adress the lens  issue, but as said, try renting  the 200 - 600 for a couple of days, then see what you think of the results !

Good luck, whichever way, you go.


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    • Hi Pieter, Not yet. I've thought about that, to use a tripod. But I've no time to try that yet. I'll try it this weekend and let you know.  Thanks!
    • Did you try manually focussing at 135mm, camera on tripod / solid ground, delayed release? If you can get sharp pictures that way, at least you know the optics are fine.
    • I don't know how those cameras would fare as aviation cameras - either of them are far beyond my scope of purchase - but people have been taking pictures of planes and other man-made flying objects well, as long as they have been around.  Unless the aircraft is flying straight at you or flying perpendicularly away from you, the AF lagging behind the shutter should not be an issue and in almost all cases you would be shooting at infinity so internal lens movements to acquire focus should be at a minimum.  If you are expecting to crop a lot, I guess a camera with higher resolution would be better for you but that also depends on what you are going to do with the image.  If you are going to be printing large mural sized prints, higher resolution image would be better but if you are going to print at or below 11x17 or not print at all, even a cropped image from my A7II will be good enough on any consumer grade monitors on the market.  I have seen images printed from the first generation Olympus OM-D E-M5 (16MP) at 11x17 and they were excellent.
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