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SELP18200 question, problem with SEL18200

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Hi, I have just purchased SEL18200 to film my bench while I'm working, however it turned out to be unusable as it retracts itself and can't be locked, please have a look:

My other lens SEL18135 doesn't do that but it's obviously lighter.

I wonder if SELP18200 has the same problem, so would be very grateful if someone can check that for me before I spent another $900 or so.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Posted (edited)

The 18-200 you have should have a zoom lock switch which locks it in the 18mm position, preventing any zoom creep. Can't be used at any other focal length afaik.

Do you need a lens that goes up to 200 mm? The 18-105 f/4 is internal zooming so doesn't extend and for sure doesn't suffer from zoom creep. Then again, if you already have the 18-135 I guess you do...

I have no experience with the 18-200 power zoom but Internet tells me that if you engage the servo zoom, it should keep the lens in place:


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