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Capture One (for Sony) 20 – Save 25% with Code SPRING25

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Until March 31, Phase One is offering a voucher code SPRING25 on the Sony version of the Capture One 20 RAW converter, valid for perpetual licenses as well as for the subscriptions.

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    • I was looking for an official number for the A7ii for shutter life expectancy but couldn't find anything on sonys page. On other bodies like A7Rii iii snd A6400 A6600 and so on they state how much the shutter has been tested for. If ypu google it you get unconfirmed 200k, but that isn't from sony themselves so Im suspicious about that.  Btw, how much worse is the af on the 7ii compared to the 7rii? 
    • Hi All I'm new to this forum and did a quick check as i'm sure this has been answered before but I couldn't find anything. I have an A6000 that I want to download the Time Lapse app to but in order to do this I need to connect it to a laptop. I've now tried two different laptops and two different genuine Sony cables but still nothing. I've been through the troubleshooting on the Sony website but none of that worked including trying the different USB Connection settings. Any ideas?
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    • I have issues with the combination of A7R-II, LA-EA3 and the following lenses: SAL70-200G (F2.8 lens) and SAL70-400G (F5.6 lens) These lenses will focus occasionally, but also stop focusing suddenly. De-attaching and re-attaching the LA-EA3 to the camera body resolves the problem, but it happens each 2 or 3 shots so making it useless.  With the Sigma 50 F1.4DG this never happens, so I was thinking about bad electrical connections but clearly it is not always the case. Sometim
    • Hi everyone, first time here - but not first time Sony Alpha user. I have a problem that seems to be pretty basic, but could not find an answer for the life of me. I have a Sony A7III (newest firmware 3.10), which I use for nightscape photography a lot. Like many other Milky Way shooters on a budget, I use the venerable Samyang/Rokinon AF 14mm f/2.8. The lens is optically perfect, but the manual focus-by-wire ring is pretty much unusable for astro. I've been looking for a way to control the
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