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Focus bracketing on Sony Alpha Cameras

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I am about buying an A6400, because of the Real tracking and Eye AF.

However, I would also need an automatic function for focus bracketing or focus stacking and I realized that no Alpha cameras have one.

Therefore I created a petition to Sony to request it. If you want to sign and share itm you can find it here

If this kind of topic is not allowed, please remove it.


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2 hours ago, MikeT said:

If you can’t wait for Sony, the Camranger 2 is a nice device and will give you great stacking plus lots of other advantages.


I've wasted both money and many hours of time, trying to get a similar product, CAMFI II to work with my a9. Their software was buggy as hell across countless software releases, before I quit wasting my time. May have improved by now, but I doubt it. And many advertised features were not supported on Sony cameras. Including but not limited to - Taddah! - focus stacking!

Before considering buying the Camranger II product, I strongly recommend reviewing the list of "Unsupported Features" on the camera of your choice. For the a6400, this list includes - Taddah! - focus stacking!

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