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16mm 1.4 or 24mm 2.8

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First post. I'm Asking for opinions for next purchase. I want a wide lens. I own an a7 and a6000. I work at events with the two cameras. The a7 with the zeiss 55mm 1.8 and the a6000 with the kit lens 18-55.

I think 24mm will be great for me, but here is my issue; I've been reading raving reviews of the sigma 16mm 1.4, but recently I've been reading also mostly positives for the samyang 24mm 2.8 FE, plus the price right now is only $250. Here's the thing, a6000 with the 16 and a7 with the 55? Or a6000 with 55 and a7 with 24?  I hope I make sense! And thanks in advance for your feedback and time.




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hi, congrats on first post

did you buy something already? 

I would get the sigma 16mm1.4,,, because when you have 24mm full frame lens on a7iii  then the a6000 with 55mm full frame lens will look too zoomy (82.5mm)

16mm sigma apsc gives same picture as 24mm full frame lens so its great to pair it with 55 full frame lens on full frame body

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