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Using 35mm f1.8 and 50mm f1.8 OSS lenses in full frame a7 or a9 cameras

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I'm curious to know if these two lenses can be effectively used in FF bodies without invoking crop mode. For instance, in my Pentax APS-C setup, I can use my 35mm and 50mm lenses in compatible FF bodies (film and DSLR). There is very slight vignetting, but I can get a full frame view out of them.

Has anyone else tried these two lenses in FF mode?

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From above link:

Menu item details

Records in either APS-C-equivalent size or Super 35mm-equivalent size.
Automatically sets the capture range depending on the lens.
Always captures 35mm full-frame image sensor pictures.
This OFF setting assumes the lens has an image circle wide enough to create a full frame image.  If it doesn't, it can't
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Thanks for the explanations, but it would be more helpful to provide some photos. Has anyone directly tried my OP description at all?

I can't do it at the moment as I no longer have the camera or any lenses for it.

If not, thanks for the responses.

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For those looking at Crop mode on a full frame camera. Yes it does mean you can use APS-C lenses on your camera, and yes it does extend the effective focal length (or "reach") of a lens...However, remember it also reduces the number of pixels being used - so on a 24Mp full frame camera, only about 10.6 Mp are being used in crop mode.

Personally having invested in 24Mp FF (A99), I want lenses that utilise all the sensor.

Having said that, I do utilise the extra reach of APS-C by not getting rid of my A68, which  has 24Mp APS-C sensor. Usually using my 170 - 500mm zoom (255 - 750mm equivalent) which I only take when I'm out to take distant or shy wildlife (mainly birds and deer)

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