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Strange "color banding" on HD video (sony a7iii)


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Hello Sony alpha user community

Recently I had to shoot an indoor concert, where I used my dear Sony a7iii+tamron 28-75.

The settings were the following: FHD 50p 30 fps, shutter speed 1/50 (setting to avoid light flickering), ISO 800, aperture set to 4.5/5... nothing strange I think.

But when I checked the footage at home, I was surprised to see that on the singer's grey piece of cloth, I could see some strange blue banding.. like in the screenshot below. It was shot with a Japanese camera so I suppose in NTSC.. It is the 1st time I can see that.

Has any of you ever had that kind of issue? Does anybody know how to avoid this? Thank you so much

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I have had banding issues shooting stills indoors even at slow shutter speeds. It turned out that that the shutter is especially sensitive to the rate of flicker from the led indoor lights. When I used 1/60 or 1/125 the problem went away. Maybe this will help with video too.

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