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Flexible Spot Button on a7r3

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I just purchased an a7r3 and I have a question for members who own the same camera. I find it difficult to use the flexible spot button on the rear of the camera. It doesn't seem to move well compared to using the center button dial that I used on my a7r2. Any thoughts on how to improve the use of the flexible spot button? I know you can use the screen to place the spot but I was out shooting last night in cold conditions and my fingers were too cold to set the spot.

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Sorry, but I also have the A7 R III, and the " Joystick " button has worked perfectly, for me, throughout this English Winter.

I think you need to be at home, in the warm, then while both you & the camera are warm, you set the  flexible spot button, to your preference.

Then go  out & take pictures.......

Remember that freezing, or very cold temperatures, quickly destroy battery strength !

Take 2 fully charged batteries, in a bag, around your neck, next to your skin !

When you want to take a picture, insert a battery.

When your camera misbehaves, swop the batteries.



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