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    • Hello. I use sony A6400 and noticed about some blocky artifacts when use 25fps andISO more than 3200 and object move quiclly. i used good transcend card 128gb v30 and this problem is not in low bitrate. I test some cases and discovered what this artifacts become on all PP besides SLOG2 and SLOG3 and only on 25,30,50,60 fps, not 100-120fps, ISO > 3200. Anybody has this problem or it's defect of my camera? This example includes settings: HLG1 4k 25fps, ISO 5000 https://yadi.sk/i/7GE68PqfjE
    • I'm sorry to come in at a probably unwanted tangent on this, but... the thought of being on either side of a flash gun, subject or photographer, on the street, makes me most uncomfortable. I'm assuming, of course, that "as I wander the street and snap people," means strangers. If not, then this comment is irrelevant. Anyway, please forgive the off-topic interruption    
    • So I have found the Godox TT360S ...looks good and size is right. Does anyone know how i can rig a pair of these together?   THANKS.
    • Now this is clearly becoming way off-topic, but I beg your patience. I just returned from walking the dog outside, for the night, and kept thinking about this exchange. It's no wonder, it took an "eastern" mind like @Thad E Ginathom's (from India) to make my "western" mind (Switzerland/Germany) aware of the fact, that "waiting" is primarily a state of mind, not of the body. As a dog-owner, or at least the husband of the real dog-owner 😉 , I see how we train the obedience of the do
    • Hi   I have the A7rii and I use a Godox V860II for this, both off and on camera and it works fine. But I wanted to use flash on my camera as I wander the street and snap people.  The Godox is rather on the large side, and I was hoping to find two guns, and place them either side of the lens (or one above and one below). Or should I just stay with the Godox? Its just a little too big to hold in the hand... Does anyone know which flash guns I might use for this?
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