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I have a A7E3 and several lenses among them the 70-300 G OSS. I find that many of my images are not in crisp focus while others seem ok. I have had several camera systems over the years and never had this kind of problem then or now with my other camera, a Panasonic g9 and 100-400mm Leica lens.
The 70-300, using AF-C, cannot seem to auto focus to focus on very distant objects (infinity) Almost every single image shot at infinity is blurred noticeably. I am not sure its any better using my Ziess 16-35 f4 lens at infinity. Problem is size of the objects at infinity are really too small to make a critical judgement about sharpness.
If I use manual focus with the 70-300, I get a much sharper image than with AF (set AF-C) and it make little difference how high the contrast in the scene is, they come out blurred on AF-C.
This observation raises a question about images shot at closer range. Is this symptomatic of a general focus error or is it a limitation of the focus system in the A7R3, or finally have I a defective camera?
Using wide area focus with the A7R3, many of the images shot at shorter distance that I thought would be in focus were less that as crisp as other images shot at similar distance.
Bottom line, is this situation indicating a Camera issue that can be fixed, a problem in how I use this particular camera? Or, is it a lens issue with the 70-300 G OSS lens?
I am baffled because I get much sharper images with my Panasonic G9 and the 100-400mm lens that I use for wildlife, than I get from the A7R3, which I use mainly for landscapes.
Any suggestions and thoughts about this issue of mine?

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JCC, thanks for responding to my inquiry concerning qmycamera and focusing it.  After reading your comment I went to the Sony site and looked up their page on Front andBack focus adjustment.  After reading it, I think they are referring to NON- Sony lenses. 

I s this also an issue with Sony Glass?  All my lenses are Sony manufactured, and one of concern is the Sony 70-300 G OSS.   When I look at the camera and the "Micro Adjustment" item in the menu, it is ON, but if I then select lens, it reports "Invalid with this Lens"

So, I am at a loss as to what this all means.

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I went from film to P&S to mirrorless, and have no experience/knowledge of the entire DSLR generation , but vaguely remember reading that, as mirrorless focus, being a function of the sensor itself, is always at the focal plane and front and back focussing adjustment is providing for the lenses that use the Sony adapters that provide DSLR-like focusing mechanisms.

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Thanks to both responders.  I guess I read the information about Back Focus Adjustment as you guys did.  So I am inclined to think the issue is really an issue with this lens.  It seems to sharpen up at 300mm when I stop down to f8.0,  But even then it's really not as crisp as I would like.  In truth I think this is a design issue for most long zoom lenses.  They all seem sharpest at the shortest focal length.  My other system is a Panasonic G9 with the 100-400mm lens and it too is sharpest at the shorter FL.  However, even at 400, it seem sharper than this Sony lens at 300mm.

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    • I managed to find an old Titan tripod when I realised the combined weight of camera and lens was just 3kg. However, I still have the camera shake icon on continuously and yet daylight seems good. In manual mode no problem.   will keep trying.....
    • so i've been using the a5100 for half a year now, primarily for streaming. i have been noticing that the exposure and color of the image changes depending on the shirt i'm wearing. it's not a big problem now since i've moved to a bigger room with white walls, but when i used to sit in a smaller room with dark blue walls it changes drastically depending on the shirt/hoody i was wearing. i've been noticing that when i start the camera the image is dark with a red/purple hue. it takes some time for the camera to brighten up. after getting time to brighten up the image is bright and desaturated, and over time it get slightly darker and more saturated until it stops, usually takes 30m-1hr. i know about dro, have tried turning it of and using dro lvl 1. the same still happens. which makes me think it's either a software problem or some smart feature. 
    • I use a monopod with my long lenses when taking wildlife, as it gives me the freedom to track the bird or animal and is much easier to move about, than a tripod, particularly in the woods. If you look at the professional Sports photographers, they nearly all use a monopod.
    • For a REALLY long lens -- anything over 400mm, you have to assume that a tripod will be used.  That takes a little bit of getting used to it, but it's no big deal. After that, to keep things reasonable priced, look at manual focusing lenses.  There are a ton of them and they are as close to free as you can get.  Many have a T-mount, so you need a cheap adapter. I have a 500mm f8, 650mm f8.5, 800mm f11, and 1250mm f10.5 -- all t-mounts. They work fine on a tripod in A or M exposure mode -- manually focusing. They are easy to find and EASY to buy.  Spend thousands on a huge, heavy, auto-everything LD, ED, APO, G, GM, GQ-whatever, wonder zoom -- if you want.  Just don't send me the bill.
    • I wanted to move into wildlife photography but was unsure on the level of investment given I only have an A58 A Mount. I managed to get a Tamron ultrasonic silent drive 150mm to 600mm but struggling a bit to understand it. When you search around you will see people struggling with autofocus at the longer end and this is my experience so far. Manual focus is fine. If you go for the Tamron you may get confused with the VC tag (vibration control) - when you get into it this feature is only for non Sony as the Sony version allegedly handles this. My question is whether the A58 is up to the job or not. I may want to go A99 but will have to try and find users with experience of this set up. Thank you. I dug my old Minolta Dynax 5 out and the Tamron autofocus was working at long length but I simply cannot seem to hold it steady enough to avoid the handshake icon which is preventing me from taking the shot. Now looking for suitable tripod as the ones I have will not take the weight of this Tamron.
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