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Viewing ARW (RAW) Files on Mac Finder

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hello i'm new to this website so my first post.

Having trouble with previewing my raw files from my macbook pro. The Raw file will just not load at all. my laptop should be capable as it is a 2016 touch bar with upgraded specs, my software is up to date. what can be the issue! can not find anything. someone please help as this is very annoying. I have attached a youtube video for you to see what i mean.


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I am new to the Sony camera world and have had the opportunity to upload a few batches of photos to my Mac. However, this last batch came through differently. There are "x" icons in the corner of the photos and it looks like download/status bars in the bottom of each image preview. Additionally, what looks like status symbols in the detailed view list. I am a bit afraid to delete the images off my memory card before I have figured this out. Would love your insight as to what might be going on. 


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Depends on what OS-X level, this is the link for Big Sur which shows the cameras that are compatible 


If you have a different OS-X level then search their support site for the word RAW and find your level of OS-X.

Some cameras are only supported in Compressed RAW format, so if you shoot uncompressed then there may be issues, again depending on OS-X level and Camera.

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