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28-70mm vs 24-70mm

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Hi guys馃槉

New on this forum. Trying to get pulled in by photography once again, as I have had a couple of years mostly using my phone as p&s.聽

A couple of years back i sold all my Canon gear (5d2 + L-lenses) and bought an A6000. Didn't have the time, and got tired of always being expected to be the family photographer at every attended party..聽

I miss the punch of the FF photos and have decided to buy an a7. I have a couple of manual primes, and want a 50mm AF and a standard zoom to go along.聽

Debating on which standard zoom to get.聽

Is the 28-70 decent enough, or will I want to upgrade to the 24-70 Zeiss eventually? I love bokeh - the shallow dof is what i miss the most in my a6000.聽

I ride motorcycle in my sparetime aswell, and bring the camera along most of the rides - therefore it should not be too bulky.聽

Any input?聽

Kind regards聽


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First off, I'm buying used to keep the budget down. There isn't a huge second hand market for Sony (or third party) lenses here in Denmark.聽

I have considered going the cheap rouge with the 28-70 and then supplementing with AF primes along the way. I will buy a 50mm 1.8 straight away.聽

As much as I love my old legacy primes, MF just isn't very practical when it comes to shooting pictures of my kids.聽

I could see a 24mm and a 35mm supplementing the 50mm.聽

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The Sony 28-70 mm聽won't do better than a 18-50 F/2.8 on APSC, so if shallow DoF is what you want, it would not go that way unless temporarily.

To me, there's no need to upgrade to FF unless for having access to faster (equivalent) F-numbers, which you'll get with primes and 'expensive' 2.8 zooms. Fast zooms are very hard to find on APS-C (sigma 18-35 being a good example) and that's where FF shines. Those聽F/2.8 zooms聽can only be beaten by primes on APS-C.

Always think in equivalent focal length聽and F-number, multiplying BOTH by the crop factor of 1,5 when comparing options.

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Hej Nyg氓rd

I had the聽 sony聽 24 - 70 , but its big & heavy and limiting.

As soon as the 24聽 - 105 came out, I did a deal with my camera shop, even though the 24聽 105 is not a G master lens, its聽 much more practical.

The Sony Zeis 24 - 70 is聽 F 4聽 ... The Sony Gmaster 24 - 70 is 2.8 & costs twice as much as the sony Zeiss.

And I still swopped my 24 - 70 f 2.8 for the聽 non G master聽聽 24聽 - 105 .

Ok you are in Demark, and Im not sure of the websites there, so聽 try looking at聽 the聽 Sony UK site,

then select lenses,聽 go through them, and see if anything suits you ?

Once you have made your mind up,due to reviews or whatever,聽 then check with聽 uk firms like...

Mifsuds :聽 Park Cameras :聽 Fixation UK : and others on google & see what they have, second hand !

I have bought stuff, or聽 rented stuff , from the first three, and they are very professional people, who do a good job.

Held og Lykke


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