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24 f1.4 GM in crop mode vs 35mm lens.

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Does anyone have experience with comparing the image quality of the 24 f1.4 GM in crop mode ( 24mm = 36mm in crop ) with that of any other 35mm lens. I know in the crop mode, there is a drop in file size and an increase in minimum Depth of Field ( f1.4.= f2.1 in crop ) My question is strictly image quality and any other differences in the way the 24 f1.4 operates (focusing speed, bokeh quality, color shifts, minimum focus, etc.).



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Hi, I have done a quick test, comparing the two lenses mounted on the A7RIV. Comparing  the 35mm with a 61MP picture and the 24mm with a 26MP picture may be misleading. The fact that you use the APSC crop mode for the 24mm has consequences : you loose some definition and then sharpness.The field curvature is of course not exactly the same.  To get the same size when comparing the pictures you need to crop more for the 24mm picture. The 100% cropped 24mm (26MP) picture has the same size on your screen as the 67% cropped 35mm (61MP) picture. With this level of cropping there is no visible difference in IQ between the two pictures : they look pretty good.

But if you crop further, the 35mm picture wins both in the center and in the corners.

If you forget this test, and based on my own experience with the two lenses, both are quite good. They are small, light and very easy to use. But the 24mm, which is a real gem, is  sharper than the 35mm when compared on an arms length basis. To get the very best 35mm, you need to choose the Sigma 35 F1.2, but at the cost of big size and weight. I am quite happy to keep the two Sony lenses in my bag.

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