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A7iii Audio question


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Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere here on this forum.

Im am totally new to this!!

I've just started to shoot some video on my A7iii, and have attempted to use an old vocal microphone I have here at home.

I can only manage to get audio on one channel through the external mic, that was using a XLR fitting to a 6.5mm mono jack which I reduced with a fitting to a 3.5mm Stereo jack.

Is the problem here the fact that the xlr to 6.5mm jack cables only come in a 6.5mm mono?

I tried this same cable with a 3.5mm mono jack and got no sound at all through the external mic.

Or am I correct in thinking that the Sure Mic that I have only records in mono and that I will have to centre the sound in Final Cut Pro?

Thanks, Cotter

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