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Corrupt raw file

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I'm struggling with corrupt raw files. I've reformatted my sd card several times and keep having the same issue. There's a purple overlay, and weird sections of previously deleted images. See attached - the (bad hospital lighting!) photo of the banners is the image I took, but the two sections on the righthand side are of an image that I took months prior and had deleted from the card. Also as you can see, this is only happening in the raw format - the jpg doesn't have this issue (but I would prefer to edit in raw).
Can you help me figure out:
1) How to recover this image? and
2) How to prevent this from happening again?
Products are:
- Sony 128GB SF-G Series UHS-II SDXC Memory Card
- Sony Alpha a7 III 
- Files pulled from iMac (card slot in back) running Mojave OS, v.10.14.6

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 4.20.54 PM copy.jpg

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Agree the first this to rule out would be to use a brand new camera formatted sd card.   I bet either the card is too slow for the camera [ class 10 is good less is suspect ]  or the jpeg gets written to card first and then while writing the larger raw --something interupts.   Did you diddle with any other menu or buttons during the write?  Did you shoot a burst and buffer is full??   


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Hi, No one can give you fully guarantee this should not have happen again because there may be possibility your card has an virus infected when you put it on your computer or another pc. No software or person provide the facility to prevent this from happenning again. I would suggest some tools or software which able to recover this image such as Stellar Photo Recovery, Recuva, Minitool and so on. I would suggest before you can purchase you need to read all the details on these software's or better way you can try the demo version of each software and see the preview of recovered images. Thanks! 

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Your problem is that your slack space ( unused space in between files ) still have something there. Being image data can be processed and read. Slack space could also hold text, sound, and other kinds of information as well. Slack space is unused space being written over but the contents while being marked deleted is still their.

1. delete everything off your card via computer.

2. Get an "eraser" zero filling program and let at it.

3. Reformat the card via the computer

( your poor baby your camera does too much )

4. Then allow your camera to do it's thing and you should be set.


This was a problem that happen to me when I was using my camera phone "Lumia 1020" and when converting from RAW to Jpeg Pro. Sometimes the Jpeg PRO would fail. Regular JPG would stick around but JPG pro failed.

That is a 42mp compressed JPG v. Regular JPG. The RAWS would come out flawless.

However when trying to recover regular 5MP JPG to the 42MP RAWS what you show me would occur.


My advice to my experience would be to shoot only in RAW. Because while the JPEG could come out good it is taking time to compress it down to JPG

Also if you are using cheap over the counter or somebody elses old card it might be the problem as well. Buy the best card you could buy even if it cost $200 a pop


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      Thanks in advance,
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