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South Holston Weir Dam

Roy Rogers

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Thanks for the welcome . Do you have much trouble with spam here on the Forum ? I noticed its restrictive of its members . I was only Allowed 2 photos and this link . I tried to like some of the amazing photos here but it said I had reached my maximum post . Does that change soon?  

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11 hours ago, Olaf W. said:

Yes, a while ago we had some spam problems which led to the restrictions regarding new members. As far as I now the limitations should change if you are active a while. If they don‘t, please let me know.

Ya'll Won't get any trouble out of me . Im just a family man that uses photography as a creative outlet . 

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    • WORKAROUND FOUND! It's an extra step, but it works! 1. Switch from memory dial number setting to manual mode. 2. Take WB reading. 3. Switch back to memory dial number setting. 4. Navigate to the "C.Temp./Filter" WB option 5. Manually dial in the reading from step 2. 6. Done! Thanks to Nolsen11 on Reddit for the solution. Still don't know why Sony doesn't allow one to just take a reading in with a memory setting and only allows one to choose a preset. But no matter, this isn't too tedious to do and solves the problem!    
    • Thanks @DenverSteve.... but for the video LUTs I'm using, the first and most important thing is to nail the WB, as described in the manual. The problem is that you cannot take a reading when in a memory mode. I can put it on auto or daylight or a preset, but I cannot take a reading unless I'm in manual mode. This is infuriating, as the whole point of a memory setting is that I don't have to go into 10 menus every time I want to switch from run & gun to interview to action, etc. It seems crazy to me that Sony would not make this possible as taking a white balance reading before a video shoot is one of the first things one has to do. I dont want to rely on guessing or spending an hour getting skin tones right in post if I can just take an accurate reading before my shoot. The only option I think is to shoot in manual mode, but that renders my memory settings useless for most things.
    • Hi, I have been using an a5100 for two years as a webcam and I love it. In the past three months it has started zooming out fully at random intervals (zooming right out to the zoom level you get at startup). It doesn't seem to be rebooting, just zooming out.  It maybe lasts 5-15 minutes between each time. I used the camera on vacation in January but I didn't change any settings (or I don't think I did), the problem has started since then. I have reset the settings in an attempt to get this to stop, I have gone through the full webcam setup settings process but it still happens. Can anyone help me, I feel this is going to be a stupidly obvious solution so apologies in advance if I am missing somethings obvious. Thanks
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