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Urgent request : Blur in some parts of the body with Sony alpha 7 iii


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   I recently bought Sony alpha 7 iii and sigma art 1.4 35mm lens. I'm having issue with image blurring.I’m taking portrait shots with these settings (ISO-100, shutter speed-1/160 and aperture F/2.8). what I noticed it is getting blurred is some parts of the body like hands and leg fingers. Could you please help me in finding the cause for this ?



Rama Villuri

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Shot with shutter speed at 160 apertute 2.8 and ISO 100. There is lite blur at the fingers.

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For a still object, your shutter speed is fine and ISO is perfect.

However, depth of field is inversely correlated to aperture opening: the wider the aperture opening, the shallower is depth of field.

For your sample I would suggest stopping down the lens by one or two stops, and taking a little hit in the ISO (will go up, if you leave shutter speed as is).

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