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Wally The Confused

programming button 1 for continuous eye focus

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Hi All.

I have watched countless youtube clips, on how to customise a button , for continuous eye focus.

None, show the A 9, but I figured Gary Fongs A7 III would be similar, however, nothing I do, brings up the EYE AF  in the menu, the way he shows how to do it ?

Is the A9 so different, a menu ??

Any step by step info, will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance  Wally

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Ah, ok, see, Gary Fong, never mentioned that crucial bit of information !

Thanks for the explanation, Ill follow your instructions, as soon as I can borrow a friend, to point at, while pressing the key.

Im otherwise occupied just now, but should be able to try that , sometime tomorrow  afternoon

Ill get back to you, with the result.

Thanks  again,  for the explanation.

I also went through your link to the a9 instructions and i couldnt find  Continuous Eye Autofocus anywhere

Ah, OK , I just took a break, and once you get to the  customise button menu, and select  the AEL button, on the rear, on the  A9 there are 3 pages of functions, and the  eye AF, does not appear, until page 3.

Also, once I understood the process, Buttons 1 & 2, would be no good, since its not exactly a    setting...  It only works as long as you  press the button !

If using 1 or 2, then it would be awkward, trying to press the shutter, while trying to hold either  button 1 or 2  down.

Ok,  Ive got the menu bit  set, but  I have not been able to test it, as no one, is around.

Ok Tomorrow, ill update.

Thanks Again !!

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