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A7iii-Image Corruption-Camera turn off

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Hello All!

I recently did a wedding using 2-128Gig San disc memory cards. On my A7III using all native Sony Lenses. This was an all day event, and I noticed a few times my camera went all black. I thought maybe it was something I pressed accidentally and powered on and off the camera. After it  came back on and I noticed I was in timer mode 2 sec. I though maybe somehow I pressed it into that mode. Not sure how that could have happened. This happened 2 times during the event. 

When I got home and I was ready to import my photos I got an error message on one of my cards saying a bunch of photos were corrupted. I then ejected the card and used my back up card that was being used in the other slot. I got no error, so I thought I was good. After importing into lightroom i noticed some of the photos were heavy pixelated and clearly messed up/corrupted. 

Now I'm not sure if my memory cards both failed, which seems unlikely, or is my Camera failing???

Having purchased the memory cards through Amazon I'm thinking it was the cards.


Also is it normal for a 128 card to create 2 different folders?


I have never seen that before but I have never shot this many photos. Usually there is only one image folder in my experience.


Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!



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Hi, I had this couple of months ago, The main reason behind Turning off a camera before an image is completely written to the memory card. if your memory card becomes corrupted/stop working immediately. Do not format or attempt to delete any imags from it. However, all files remain in the same position on the card and can be repaired by a photo repair software.

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