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Urgent : Lens Suggestion for Sony a7iii ?

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Hi Good day.
Need 2 lens suggestion urgently for Sony a7iii to cover the most.
(Will buy one lens and will add 2nd lens later if expensive)

Purpose of Lens: 

  • 60% Videos Shoot (Kids Fun Action Games Youtube Videos usually indoor rooms / house / hall)
  • 20% Short Indie Films with good cinematic quality (Not sure if non cinelens is good)
  • 20% Still Photography (Portrait / Thumbnails / Street / Landscape / Social Media Post)

#1 I might need autofocus lens so non professional can also make my videos, if lets say i am anchoring/acting in video.|
#2 Many time it will be handheld so Image Stabilization lens needed, apart than sony a7iii stabilization (no gimble now) ?
#3 Not sure about 10 vs 24 vs 28 vs 35 vs 50, as indoor mostly has less space ??? I once tried 14mm with a7s2 in a short film and it gave odd fish eye type feel...

What to choose Tamron, Samyang Cine, Sigma Art, Sony G, Other options ? 

God Bless...

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1) If you want to make full use your Autofocus, pick a Sony lens

2) Stick with yor Kit lens - that's great - until you understand what focal you really need

You don't need cinelens to make good indie movies

You can't use cinelens if you're one man filming

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Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART is a great lens, but you'd need an MC-11 mount adapter for it (at least I did). However with what you do it may be best to utilize your kit lens until you get a better idea of your spaces and also stick with Sony native lenses if possible (if you really need AF at it's best). Prime lenses are great, but if you are operating as a one man band it's close to impossible to use them properly.

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I came close to buying the A7iii a year ago but the lack of and price of the lenses kept me away.  I'm not a heavy user of primes so I'm talking about zooms right now.  I see not much has changed with the Sony offerings, what about the 3rd party offerings?  Are there any decent, budget lenses that work well (fully functional) on the A7iii?  I was excited when Canon came out with the R but it kind of fell on it's face right out of the gate so I'm still sniffing around the Sony.  That's amazing to my, by the way . . . . Nikon and Canon both release full frame mirrorless cameras, obviously to compete with the A7iii, a now 3 or 4 year old design, only to both fall way short in ALL areas that matter.  Sheesh.

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