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Shooting stills during video recording A7s


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I was watching Philip Bloom's Sony A7S seminar at B&H on YouTube and in the first five minutes he is raving about being able to shoot still images while recording video in Manual Mode with Silent Shutter turned off.




I cannot seem to do this on my A7S. I'm using a metabones adaptor and a Nikon manual focus lens, shooting AVCHD 24p, in Manual Mode with Silent Shutter off. When I depress the shutter release button while recording video, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong or was Philip Bloom mistaken?

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So my edited response.

The SONY A7 series have an "Always" mode in video. However the video will literally halt when that shot is being taken. I assume not every camera model supports this mode.

Otherwise this feature is not presented because of the mode settings. Maybe it is a JPEG thing ( for which I would assume would be sharing the video output ( as with dual recording ). Meaning It would be processing in silent-shooting mode.

About sponsers ( the video you shown us )

1. There is a "hold harmless" statement in the start of the video holding B&H / Andorama not responsible for any misinformation shown in the video. Meaning somebody at B&H knows it is a sponsor marketing a product. Meaning they might be using an altered product or R&D model. if you buy a camera from B&H because of this video and it shows something not featured they will be held harmless for your loss of income/funds

2. Most sponsors are snake-oil and you should read between the lines of who they are selling to. What is occurring.in their presentation and they kind of person they are.targeting. A lot of times it is peoples retirement funds. When I am grey and not going to be investing in any photography equipment at all unless they could show me how I could market income.

3. That being said the mode "Photo while Video" is probably in the camera somewhere but was remove
Sony Alpha Forum

4. That being the A7S there could be a chance the mode exist or previously existed being directed towards video

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