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Are Punch Computers worthwhile?

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I see that Punch offer an entry level Photo Editing computer for £595, with 2TB HDD and 240GB SSD, and 16mb RAM.

Does anyone know if the company sells reliable machines? They certainly seem good as reviews are excellent, and you can actually speak to someone on the phone.

Any help appreciated as I'm in need of upgrading very soon

Here's the link to the computer mentioned above:  https://www.punchtechnology.co.uk/product/entry-photography-pc/


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5 hours ago, flash harry 1 said:

and 16mb RAM

I very strongly doubt that this tiny amount of RAM can be bought nowadays any more. The proper unit of measurement is 16 GB (which is three orders of magnitude more than what you quoted).

If you get these details wrong already, what good is any advice you might receive? I'm afraid, there is no way around for you from acquiring some expertise of your own. You better start now. And read carefully. In the realm of computers, each letter is significant.

P.S.: I never heard of punchtechnology.com. I'm from Switzerland. 

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Sorry Chrissie, but your reply is somewhat offensive. It is of course a typo , as most readers would naturally assume. A pity you didn't simply assume the same and attempt to answer my query.Emails can be so unforgiving at times.

As you have not even heard of the company I asked about, I'm surprised that you felt the need to add your comments regardless. Has anyone else any experience of this firm?


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9 hours ago, flash harry 1 said:

but your reply is somewhat offensive

Some call it offensive, while others may recognize it for what it is: a free piece of advice in disguise, which may help you avoid falling into a £ 600,- trap.

Confounding mbs for GBs may be an innocent typo. In your case this seems rather an indication, that you are utterly clueless about the object of your desire. Which is not a fault in itself, because everyone starts out being utterly clueless about everything. Remaining clueless about something you're interested in is your personal choice.

That's the point when I loose patience.

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Okay I am using a W350 i7 labtop. The i9 is out right now and if I could update the processor and overclock it I would. I am using a labtop with external ( apple monitor ) for display. If you get a labtop it will save you when you have power outages or else you will have to buy something to prevent that for the PC, which could cost you work if you do not.

32GB is good enough. A new SSD is great and 2TB storage is low to be honest. I have one 10TB storage unit as a backup and my other 2TB storage works great but the RPM ( Revolutions per minute ) needs to be as fast as possible for extreme photo editing.

Almost $500 dollars for something your about $200 dollars away from being a tad bit more powerful as a laptop. Unless your planning to max out the computer I would ensure everything is up to date

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