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    • Thank you very much Olaf. I will have to look for a camera that has a high speed read progress with the electronic shutter. I can’t use the mechanic  shutter in live shows like ballet or classical music concerts ... I usually only do video, but sometimes some clients ask me to take pictures and I need to find the camera that solves this problem. Do you know any? ... could the Sony a9II be a good option? Thank you very much.
    • It‘s a common problem when using the electronic shutter with artificial light sources, due ro the progess of reading out the sensor. Use the mechanical shutter instead.
    • Photographing with my "old" alpha 7RII a show in which there was a screen with a video projection in the background, I found the following problem: If I shoot with the shutter at over 50, I get a few streaks on the projection, but the funny thing is that it only does when the camera is set to silent shooting. If I turn off silent shutter mode, it no longer does ... Can anyone explain this strange behavior to me? I need to be able to take silent photos during the show and I need to shoot at high speeds ... any solution? Thank you so much.
    • Hi there. I have a similar issue with my ZV1, I think? It's annoying - to the point where I'm wondering if I a have a fault with my device and am considering returning it under warrantee. I use it to film yoga instructional videos. They are sometimes 90 minutes long. I know that inorder to run for this length of time, the camera needs to be plugged into the mains. So I plug the camera into the mains and double check that the mains charge is showing - the battery icon confirms this : it has a little plug symbol beside it. So - I should be good to go. However.  The camera still turns off after an hour or so, saying the battery is flat. Interrupting the filming. Which ruins the whole video. At that point, if I go back to the camera now its battery is flat and pull out the charging cable from the mains and put it back in again, I can continue recording for 90 minutes plus as required. My issue is: the Sony ZV1 is not using the mains while the battery is charged. It continues to run on battery power. Then switches itself off (infuriatingly). And then - only at that point when I plug it in again and turn it on again does it start using the mains as it's power source. I'm 99% sure this is what is taking place but still on a learning curve are trying many workarounds this problem... not of which have been successful yet. I'd really appreciate some help with this. The next thing I'm going to check is deliberately flattening the battery before I start filming. But this seems a clumsy workaround. Otherwise - absolutely loving this camera! A huge improvement on my old camera. But only if I can RELY on it! Best wishes Frances  
    • From direct comparison on an American site and from what I can tell from reviews, it looks like the Tamron F2.8 SP Di USD will be my choice over the Sony. The optics appear to be very similar, but the Tamron's USD focussing appears to be quieter and as quick (although not as accurate in low light). So the main factors for me are: Apparently the Sony was optimised for cropped sensor, although advertised for use with full frame as well.  Weather sealing (Yes on the Tamron, no on the Sony) and the colour of the body is more discreet - and, of course, it's £100 cheaper. If the Sony SSM II was in my budget, that would be a different story. Anyway, when I've taken the plunge I'll let you know if I'm happy with the choice!
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