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Hobbyist lens purchase

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Hello all,

I've been looking through the forum for awhile now and decided to join. I'm in the market for a long lens for an up coming move to Wyoming. I currently have an A7RII and want to purchase a lens for wildlife photography, the two lens I'm currently eyeing are the Sigma 150-600 with MC11 adapter and the new Sony 200-600. My question is should I send the extra $1000 to get the Sony and wait however long the backorder is or should I save the money and grab the Sigma? I know the AF can be slow on the Sigma I've read may reviews about this but I think most of the wildlife I would shoot would probably be standing still. For someone that doesn't sell their work is it worth the extra cash for the Sony? Thank you for the help. Brandon.

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I have used both Canon and Sigma lenses with a Metabones adapter on both the A7m2 and A7Rm3 bodies.  Auto focus does work with an adapted lens but there is "hunting" to achieve focus.  My recommendation is get the Sony 100-400 f4.5-5.6 GM.  It is a really good lens.  Here is a shot taken in Patagonia in March.

Camera settings:  Sony A7Rm3 with Sony 100-400 GM at 118mm 1/250 sec f5.6 ISO 1000.


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