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Long Exposure Focus

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I have been experimenting with long exposures and nd filters with my Sony A7 II and Sony FE 16-35 F4 lense.  The other day I attached a circular polarizer and a 10 stop ND filter. I've always assumed you needed to use manual focus with filters and long exposures. However, my auto focus seemed to work just fine even under these conditions. Does anyone else have a simular experience with auto focus and long exposures?

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Part of the joy of going mirrorless. I found the same when I started using Olympus alongside my Nikon FF (FX) system. With the dSLR's I would focus before attaching strong ND filters, either with the AF or manually, lock the focus, attach the Lee filter holder which blacked out the viewfinder, then take the photo. With the mirrorless, Olympus and now Sony, I can attach the strong ND filter and shoot away using the AF and Live View Display - ON.

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