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can a-mount lens work full frame on an a7rii camera

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I purchased a la-ea3 adapter to use on my newly purchased a7rii camera to use my existing old minolta lenses.

looking at the a-mount lens charts , I see no a-mount lenses listed that will work full frame on the a7rii camera.

the chart says the angle of view will be treated as aps-c and auto-cropped.

Is this correct, or are there any old a-mount or screw-mount lenses that will perform full frame using some type of

adapter on the a7rii camera?

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Almost all Minolta A-Mount lenses were full frame. The only ones that are APS-C are marked DT and are:

- 18-70 DT

-18-200 DT

- 11-18 DT


Same DT marking would apply to Sony lenses that were APS-C but the list would be a little longer


There would be a limitation if one used LA-EA1 or LA-EA2 with these FF lenses


What chart are you referring to ? 

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ILCE-6300 – support.dimaging.sony.co.jp

This the the place my fumbling around for research on lenses for the alpha a7rii sent me to.

It list a lot of different older lenses and indicates if they will appear in full frame or aps-c.

I was assuming it was correct about most of the older a-mount lenses, but I hope you guys are

correct, as I have also ordered adapters for canon and pentax lenses as well..    thanks for the

prompt answer to my inqiry, as I don't really know yet how to navigate thru this forum.

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If you select ILCE7RMII, the lenses that do not indicate full frame are the ones that have DT in their model designation like i mentioned.

The Minolta A-Mount lenses were almost all full frame except for the 3 i listed in my previous post. Sony had a better selection of DT lenses since they were developing the line but these also have DT in their model names.

So in that page , if you only look for the ones with a small square that says full frame. You will notice almost all Minolta lenses do not mention this ( i don't understand why) but they do and many have a clone in the Sony that are mentioned full frame ( 16 Fisheye, 20mm, 28mm F 2.8, 50mm F 1.4, 300mm F 2.8, 500F8 RF, 50 and 100mm Macro lenses)

Sony probably does not want to over-promote the older lenses !!!

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l clicked on the detailed explanation on each of the lenses on the chart, and the only ones that are not treated as aps-c are the ones that have a check mark on them, and the only ones like that are prefix SEL.  All the other prefixes regardless of conditions, are

treated as aps-c (according to the notations in the detailed list of specifications for that lens).



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SEL prefix is E-Mount so there would be no need for LA-EA adapter of any kind


Take it from someone who owns over 60 A-Mount lenses from Minolta and Sony + numerous E-mount bodies and lenses + LA-EA1, EA2, EA3, EA4 adapters (right, i have all models right now):

Any A-Mount lens that does not mention DT in its designation, is full frame and remains full frame when used with LA-EA3 an LA-EA4 on a full frame E-Mount body

Some very rare lenses like the Minolta 3X-1X macro is incompatible with the LA-adapters. Same applies to APO lenses with the APO teleconverters.


ALL others will work in full frame with your LA-EA3 and A7Rii but with screw-driven lenses (non-SSM or SAM which is the vast majority of the lenses made by Minolta and Sony) you will only get them to work in Manual focus. To get AF with these you need to use LA-EA4.

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I understand, and was only going by what the Sony chart said. I appreciate the good news from

someone who has actually experienced the old a-mount minolta lenses on the a7rii. It is re-assuring

to me to find my old lenses will work using all 42 megapixels.  (I will probably end up having to get

a larger hard drive for storage.)  I was already resloved to using them in manual mode.

thanks, again for your input..

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