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A7 III registerable vs global menu items

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Is there a list of A7 III menu settings that can be registered using C1/C2 and M1-M4 memory?

I found that "Auto Focus with Shutter" doesn't register, it's set globally (jeez!). So it would be nice to see a table of what's registerable and what isn't. (Should be in the manual or help, but...)


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What I'm looking for is a list of those menu items that CAN be registered and saved in presets, and or a list of those that can't be registered - like these I found by trial and error:

AF w/ Shutter

MR Memory

MR Recall

AF Track Sensitivity

Power Saver Start Time

DISP Button


Function Menu Set

Monitor Brightness

Viewfinder Brightness

Display Quality

Record Media Settings

Select Record Folder


Display Media Info

Focus Settings

Exposure Std. Adjust

Peaking Setting

Custom Key (buttons C1-C4)

Ctrl w/ Smartphone


Wi-Fi Settings



A firmware update enabling ALL possible menu options to be registered could go a long way toward enhancing the pro appeal of the A7 III body (or any other Sony bodies with similar shortcomings).

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